The Palm House at Kew Gardens, London, August 2003

The Palm House at Kew Gardens is a special place. Construction commenced in 1844, the design and engineering owing much to the ship building industry. It was constructed from rolled wrought iron I-beams, originally designed for ship building. Decimus Burton was the commissioning architect and Richard Burton the engineer. Our visit is way back in August 2003 with our daughter and son-in-law.

The sheer bulk of the palm house is impressive, its ship-building heritage evident as some vast upturned hull of a ship.
Traditional park landscaping seen here in high summer.
Coconuts to you.
We took lots of photographs, straining our necks top get that elusive shot.

The white ironwork is something to behold, especially the spiral staircase.

Nymphaea 'Leopardess' with floating leaves as attractive as the flowers.

The still water and the vast, saucer-like leaves made this a screen saver for my computer at the time I seem to remember.

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