Claude Monet's Garden at Giverny, 31st July 2008

Gardens do not always live up to one's expectations. Claude Monet's did.

The Water Garden. Monet's Garden has two components.

The water for the pool is fed by a brook that is ultimately connected to the Seine. Interestingly, Monet not only created his works of art, he also created his subject. The lake was man-made, made in the image of the Japanese prints he so loved.

The pastel planting here is as near to an original Monet as I am likely to get.

I was so impressed by the mirror image.

The house is blended into the garden organically. But I have no recollection of what it was like inside.

The Clos Normand with its wonderful plantings is the second component of the garden.

White plantings are not a new concept but this was a great success.

500,000 visitors each year. And we hit on the quiet day.

"All my money goes into my garden."

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