Alexandra Palace, London

Alexandra Palace dominates the North London skyline.  "The People's Palace" or "Ally Pally" first served as a recreation centre in Victorian times, was a home for the fledgling BBC and now hosts snooker and ice skating. It has survived two major fires and controversy surrounds its every development. It is an imposing if not entirely lovely building on a gloomy January day with rain forecast if not actually materialising.
The Marconi transmission mast above the BBC wing of Alexandra Palace. The scene of the first BBC broadcasts from 1936, it is still in use today broadcasting television and DAB transmissions. 220 feet high and resting on a hill that is itself 300 ft above  sea level. 

My favourite view with the Rose Window dominating. It had to be restored after a V1 Flying Bomb blew it out. Sadly for the great organ it protected, full restoration did not take place until the 1980s.

The blue and rose coloured glass look electric on this winter's morning.

The Palm Court was staging an international snooker competition, the queue masked by the hebe in full flower.

The skyline is famous. Even on a drab day the buildings are identifiable. 

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