Highgate Wood and Queen's Wood cafés, North London

In an urban environment replete with people, it is startling how London still manages to retain a rural integrity. Two adjacent woodlands possess the best of both worlds in their walks and cafés.

Over the rooftops of Highgate, Alexandra Palace in the sun.

Situated in some 70 acres of woodland, Highgate Wood's Pavilion Café is a favourite haunt and served a tasty full English breakfast on a much sunnier and warm morning than the previous day. Based on photograph alone, who would have thought this place is so much in the heart of the capital city's suburbia.
Queen's Wood in Highgate has 52 acres of woodland carefully tended by volunteers from what I could see. The building above could well have been situated in any of the rural shires. A mecca for mothers and toddlers on a weekday morning, the coffer and cuisine is excellent, the building quintessentially rural.

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