Two beautiful shrubs for a car park

Talk about being damned with faint praise. No self-respecting shrub would willingly embrace the term, car park shrub. It's a bit like being told that you have a good face for radio - which I do. The car park for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has an £8 fee but the most wonderful planting on a bright morning in early January.
Neither are the common hedging dogwoods my favourites except for the crucial time of winter when their stems exude fire.

The common snowberry, or Symphoricarpos Albus if you prefer, is a plant I'm not too keen on. The white berries have a slightly menacing look to my eyes, and indeed it is mildly poisonous for humans.
But amassed around a tree in the main car park it has a certain effervescence about it. I wouldn't drink the wine but my wife was impressed enough to send me on a detour after I'd paid the parking fee.

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