Galanthus "Little Ben"

The second of the promised Mighty Atoms, this time Galanthus "Little Ben", photographed this morning and judged by some, Matt Bishop for one, to be the best of the group. I'll decide that myself in a few years but for now, "Little Ben", with his even littler ben beside him, is a great little fellow with a long drooping flower that looks even better falling from an extended arching pedicel. It was purchased in late February last year so the extra bloom is a welcome extra. I always keep receipts of my purchases (living so long in Yorkshire) and this was £12 and, as ever, an impulse buy though with an extra smaller bulb that has prospered. These giant flowers on dwarf plants make a great sight in the garden especially when, as with mine, they stand in pots on a stand.

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Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'