Galanthus "Ding Dong"

"Ding Dong" is in flower in mid-January in our garden and among snowdrops that look very similar until close inspection, they are is easy to spot. They are also a great buy for they clump up very well. I aimed for a mixed display in one of the garden beds, and here among "Magnet" and "Brenda Troyle" they draw the eye with their slender petals and  lovely lime coloured ovary that mirrors the inner green inverted U shape of the markings. I confess that the images I have seen on the internet suggest some flowers have a two toned green, mine have only the one.  Maybe I'll call it Dong Dong. Alan Street from Avon Bulbs has named a fair few of my snowdrops, here it's a nudge towards the cosmetic firm that delivers to one's door: "Ding Dong, Avon calling!"

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