Galanthus plicatus "E.A.Bowles"

Galanthus plicatus 'E.A.Bowles is my favourite snowdrop. It raised some £357 at auction when launched on the plant world in 2011 and is still pricey. It repays the investment for the poculiform flower is a fabulous sight. Almost as if the petals had been inflated with air, the petals form rounded bowls of the purest white. And the very size of the snowdrop makes it even more showy.

"E.A.Bowles" was named after the gardener who did so much for the Royal Horticultural Society in the first part of the 20th century. Many great plants carry his name, a sign of quality. The  E. A. Bowles of Myddelton House Society celebrates his work and his Enfield garden.

Google the bulb and you will be certainly be made aware of the price, historical and actual, but sometimes quality costs. My own bulb has multiplied this year. It is a strong grower. Recommended.


  1. Ohhh... Where did you get your first bulb of E. A. Bowles... it seems so difficult to find one of these... I can't find anything online...

  2. sorry, I'm new writting comments.. my name is Dulce...

    1. Hi Dulce, EA Bowles is increasingly appearing on eBay at a more reasonable price though I notice in a bidding war it still achieves high sums. My own has increased through off-sets very markedly and should this year be quite a substantial clump. It is prolific so think of it as an investment if nothing else. It flowers towards the middle to late end of the snowdrop season.

      In the next few weeks I'll write about it and other snowdrops, as I have acquired several new varieties. I commenced the blog as an on-line means of recording progress and set-backs of which I've had a few costly experiences.

      Keep reading, Dulce.

    2. Thankyou for your reply Ian. It is an amazing flower... Hopefully one day it will be in my garden :)... The only place I saw it on sale was on ebay but I have bad experiences with "bids" I prefer not to go there lots of strong emotions for me... hehe(as you said it is like a war!).

      I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thankyou for sharing!!!!


    3. I have written something to be published tomorrow on this very subject.


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