Warmer weather, snowdrops bursting into bloom, and a galanthus "Epiphany"

Galanthus "Epiphany" is a snowdrop new to me so I am unable to say whether or not the great revelation will happen on the required date. But I am assured that this delicate snowdrop from the county of Shropshire will survive the rigours of winter and thrive -  unlike me, given the gloom and rain. The photograph shows it leaning out of a pot at a rather alarming angle but I can attest that the plant is strong.

The cold weather of a few days ago has gone. It seemed to hold back the development of our snowdrops a tad albeit the rain has accelerated growth of all my plants considerably. Pity there's been no sunshine to lighten conditions for photography and spiritual uplift. That said, snowdrops provide a light in the depths of winter. It is their essential charm. And we can enjoy the thickening clumps of bulbs below, essentially a mix of "Magnet" and "Brenda Troyle". If my life were on the line I'd not be able to differentiate between the latter and "S. Arnott" with the proviso that "Brenda Troyle" flowers rather earlier. "Magnet" has spread everywhere, a graceful effusion with a long and graceful pedicel.

And in order, "Godfrey Owen", winter aconites in our trough, and three images of one of my absolute favourites, "Ophelia". This snowdrop is a double, not exactly apparent in the photographs. She is spreading her charm throughout the beds.


  1. The way the green is 'brushed' onto Ophelia is wonderful!

  2. Many snowdrops are very similar and too many are named each year without being distinctive. "Ophelia" is pretty and distinctive. It's infinitely superior to many over-priced bulbs out there.


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Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'