Hepatica Japonica Momohanabi

They are tricky beggars to grow properly. However, Hepatica japonica Momohanabi has just commenced flowering and I hope for a mass of the tiny, jewel like flowers. I am experimenting with the best place to plant them. At the moment the highly regarded plants reside in a sunny position though I have lost several in the past when they have either dried out or been waterlogged. Momohanabi is a named variety, rather choice. I have some interesting unnamed doubles. They are so exotic they seem out of place in the winter garden. Lovely though.

I was a little dissatisfied with my images of this little plant and this afternoon (Monday) decided to redo them. So first up is a photograph set against a more colourful background, the one below sitting on the outside windowsill. You can see why the Japanese have developed the culture of these little plants into something of an art form.

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