Snowdrops in the green: Galanthus 'Trymlet', 'Bertha' & 'South Hayes'

Galanthus 'Trymlet'  has multiplied very well and is ready for a change of location. I'll have to give it a bit of thought. In the meantime the bulbs still share a spot with 'Percy Picton' and are a little earlier than that worthy cultivar. Last year Percy was earlier. I've notice this about snowdrops over the years. They do sometimes vary in flowering time. The flowers will progress to form that perfect pagoda shape and I will post another view later in the month.

I thought it might also be an opportunity to compare the green marked varieties. So here are, first, 'South Hayes' and second, 'Bertha' taken on Sunday. The former is an upright grower with the petals very tight together save in warm sun, and it was not warm on Sunday though bright. The green markings extend almost to the full length of the outer petals. And it is a deep green making the flower very striking. It is sending up offsets with some abandon. 'Bertha' needs a bit of fleshing out yet and I have been waiting for the full opening of the petals for two weeks. The variety is a softer green. 'Phil Cornish' is coming into flower and I'll post on that very slow growing cultivar in the next few days. It's hardly offered for sale as it doesn't take too kindly to the scalpel so someone will contact me as they often do and I say I haven't the time to sell on eBay. But that is for another day and I do obtain swaps that way!


  1. Perfect. Someone gave me Trymming last spring and I went ahead and bought South Hayes over the summer. Now I can see what I have to look forward to!

    1. Investing in expensive bulbs (or if you are lucky someone else doing the same) begins to make sense when they clump up. 'Trymming' has taken three years but, as with 'Godfrey Owen' last year and this, suddenly promises that massed display we all want.


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