Two very choice snowdrops: Galanthus 'Ecusson d'Or' & 'Beanie'

Galanthus nivalis 'Ecusson d'Or' is beautiful. I did write about it last year, its first season in flower, Indeed it is exactly 12 months since I deemed it right to photograph it for my blog record.  It was discovered in 2004 in France and still commands astonishingly high prices on eBay. It has certainly sent out new leaves but still the one flower. This is strange as I read that it does increase at a fast rate. Not for me. Anyway, ovary and all petals, inner and outer, show that highly prized yellow colour.

'Beanie' is beautifulish. From the thick blue green leaves emerges a robust flower, not fully opened out in the grey skies we're having today - though I will rectify this retrospectively - and the sharply pointed petals have significant greening at the tips. It is my second year in its company and I could not resist featuring it alongside that svelte, French beauty above. By the way, I should desist from describing any snowdrop as 'robust' when I consider the grub ridden pot of filth that should have been my gorgeous 'Big Boy'. He was bulking up nicely last year and is now no more. Matt Bishop, the seller, has, hopefully temporarily, disappeared from eBay and I have no means at the moment of replacing the cultivar. Unless there is anyone out there.... Narcissus Fly has done for some lovely snowdrops over the years, particularly the later flowering varieties. I'll have to research and write on the subject.

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