Galanthus in bloom now

Well, well, well. I scour the garden for those first named varieties to pop up and totally unexpectedly discover this lot amongst the fallen beech leaves at the bottom of the garden. The weather has been so mild of late the bulbs are soaring towards the light. It gladdens the heart.


  1. Very interesting Blog you have there. But I can tell you that this is not G. elwesii. It is either a very early example of nivalis or maybe a cross between nivalis x reginae-olgae var. vernalis. Elwesii has much wider leaves.

    1. Thanks for that. My identification was clearly at fault. I was so surprised to see them in flower I took leave of my senses. But I like the 'interesting' tag to my blog. I'm quite some way from being an expert merely recording the progress of my collection. So thanks again.


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Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'