Galanthus 'Green Bush'

Galanthus 'Green Bush' is a robust snowdrop, reasonably priced too and it has certainly flourished  here. I could not claim it is the most elegant of flowers, more coal than diamond nugget and the broad, Elwesii foliage is a little too broad for my tastes, more cabbage than lettuce leaf, so to speak. But on a day when powerful winds rip through the garden rendering photography of the daintier varieties impossible 'Green Bush' seems solid as oak.


  1. Yes, it does look a little 'leafy' rather than graceful. I wonder if that's down to growing conditions? Here I've seen some beautiful patches but I think the flowers come up taller due to spring sometimes arriving in a day rather than over weeks!

  2. I have other bulbs planted in other areas of the garden. I sometimes am so pleased when the flowers emerge I photograph them in too early a stage. Perhaps the bulb may not be a duck but a swan!


And remembering .....

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