Galanthus "Llo "n" Green" - first of the lost labels

Flowering rather earlier than last year though sadly with only one flowering shoot, Galanthus "Llo "n" Green" is a smasher for reasons other than its petite beauty. In April last year we heard a crash in the house during a storm and, on venturing outside, I was mortified to discover my two new display benches collapsed in an unholy mess on the back patio. I had lashed them together for added strength only for the one to bring down the other. The combined effect of heavy, sodden clay pots, poor workmanship and storm conditions had done for my plants. Pots were broken, labels blown all over the place and bulbs luckily cushioned by the soil. One bulb looks very much like any other so for for a sizeable part of my collection I've had to start from scratch. New benches, far more plastic pots and, from hereon in, vigilance, as I attempt to name unnamed varieties. "Llo "n" Green" is the first. So it may well be that others of the same variety are still to disclose themselves. So then, one of the survivors.

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