The Winter Garden at Dunham Massey

500 years and still going strong, the oldest oak tree at Dunham Massey
In 2007 the National Trust commenced transforming Dunham Massey's 7 acre wilderness of thicket and brambles into a spectacular winter garden underneath the towering beech and oak trees. The season must be milder than our Yorkshire garden for the plants were two weeks more advanced. I'd taken my new Sony Macro Lens for the close-up work but was tempted to use it for all the shots. Here's the results and I can recommend the lens, and garden.

The dwarf iris was the first test for the lens
Beech, Birch and Beauty
Camellia 'High Hat' looking far too exotic for the winter garden
Hellebore, Ashwin Garden Hybrid

 Lonicera purpusii Winter Beauty (Honeysuckle) makes up for its diminutive flower with the size of its perfume

Snowdrops in profusion   
Hamamelis (witch hazel)   

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