Galanthus 'Big Eyes'

Galanthus 'Big Eyes' is new to me and purchased last year from Matt Bishop. I have 'Grumpy' in the border, one of the first specialist snowdrops I acquired years ago. I can't say I notice it.  'Big Eyes' stands out a little more in the garden. It originates from Berkshire where we stayed last week. Discovered in a colony of nivalis x plicatus, one can see why it was picked out by the eagle eyed scrutineers who do such things. I've never found anything in a field of wild snowdrops save my lens cap lost, and replaced, a year previously. It made my day. It might not be grumpy but it's hardly an emblem of delight. I'm told it looks like a clown.


  1. I posted a photo of Big Eyes and one of Grumpy this week and two people said they looked just the same. They do really, Two Eyes doesn't look exactly cheerful does he? And Big Eyes looks just the same.

  2. Truthfully, I purchased the snowdrop on impulse when buying another. It is slightly taller than 'Grumpy' though the expression is the same miserable one. I spotted a grumpy lookalike at a nearby National Trust property last year. The volunteer gardeners got all excited when I pointed it out. One thing I can say, it's not as nice as 'Mother Goose'.


And remembering .....

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